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Claude Wallace

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Believe in Hope and Live on Purpose

It was because of the Joy that was ahead for us, that Jesus endured the cross and despised the shame of our sins. Beyond the grave lie His greatest glory in the lives of those who believe in Him. The joy that was missed by many before is about to be enjoyed by many forever.


Jesus the Love 
Of  God

The bible is made up of sixty six books because God is very detailed to tell us everything necessary to live our lives the way we were created to live. His word is ageless and timeless. There has been no generation of people since time began that has not benefited from believing what He has said, the message is very simple; God loves the world that He created and all the people He created to be in it. Not only is there nothing too hard for Him, but He wrapped up all the power and glory of life in his Son; and made the life of His Son available to all who believe on Him.  To know Him and the His beauty of His salvation is His greatest desire for you. It will draw you into a new world of peace and security.  And while this world is becoming more and more uncertain. You will become more certain of your life, because of His great love for you. My hope is for this book to be the appetizer that takes you deeper into the bible, to discover the rich treasures that are hidden in Christ Jesus just for you. Claude Wallace: author

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