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Updated: Apr 19, 2022


I believe that we can be faithful to the will of God for a long time as Christian believers and still not know God’s purpose and plan for our life. I am convinced, the revelation of His plan for our life happens in a moment. In an instant, when circumstances, and the condition of our heart has been so moved and shaped by life that God decides that now is the time to reveal what has been growing in us since the moment we became a born-again Christian.

Moses saw a bush burning, Joseph interpreted Pharoah dream, Paul was knocked to the ground by a great light. I would not dare claim the status of these great men of God, but for all the years that I have strived to live my life in the will of God, it was a moment in time as I was reading the 24th chapter of the book of Luke, that I realized something so profound and yet so very simple, it has changed my outlook on life, and my relationship with my Lord forever. It was in Luke 24, that Jesus met two disciples who, in a moment in time were desponded and discouraged, because their hopes and dreams were on that rugged cross that Jesus died on, and it was three days already and He hadn’t shown up as He promised. Little did they know that their broken hearts were in perfect condition for the Lord to reveal in all the books of Moses and the prophets, things that would turn their mourning into dancing and their despair into joy and hope.

Jesus did not admonish them for the scriptures they should have known, instead he did something He had never done before, He began to connect the scriptures that spoke about Him, to the life He lived with them, until their hearts burned with a joy and a hope they never experienced before.

It was in that moment, that the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, “if Jesus gave them that much joy and excitement, knowing He only had the Old Testament to work with, how much more joy and rejoicing does the Lord have for us, since we have the finished word of God, and the Holy Spirit to help us see life and the word, through the eyes of Jesus Christ.

The joy of my discovery became a passion in my heart to share what I had found. Every page of my book represents a time of revelation and reflection in the Spirit. I am committed to helping people know Jesus Christ the way God has always wanted us to know Him; in our hearts, where trials and tribulations won’t be able to steal the hope and the love that just keeps on growing stronger and stronger the more, we know Him.

It was because of the joy that was ahead for Jesus and for us that He endured the cross and despised the shame of our sins. The joy that was missed by so many before, will be enjoyed by many forever. I am so glad God chose me to help spread the good news of all His word through the revelation of Jesus our Lord and savior.

Claude Wallace

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